Ancient poetry

The lost script

The ancient poetry is a sacred poem in Amawakuni that is written over thousand years. It's also interpreted into a sacred song sung by citizens, but was lost due to Kikutsune disbanded music in Amawakuni, so the script of the poem was handed down secretly by Takitsu's ancestors. Though the poem is still widely known, Kikutsune prevent anyone to sing; chose punish or death. Hinohara Arata got a copy of the script from Sarasu, back when he was fighting Kikutsune. In modern Japan the script can be found in 鬼抱樹 located in N県 (Prefecture "N"). An old lady that live near that area says that long time ago there was a young
Rock script of the poetry

Rock script of the poetry Arata founded in Japan

village woman who suddenly became strange. That young woman was writing some strange character all around that place and she was always saying "demons are scary." It is suspected that the young woman was from Amawakuni who swapped place with someone from modern Japan that's why there is a script of the poem left in Japan. Ancient poetry seem to be like a poem that can predict the future.

Fragment of the Ancient poetry written in Kanji:

「天和ノ国 創世ノ王 願イ込メシ神ノ劍」

「地・水・火・風・空ニテ 神意ノ本五色人」

「輝ケルカナ今開ケ 導カレ命内ヨリ玉ト成ルコトヲ」

「十二ノ地 戦火焦土 望ミ遥カ天吼ユル」

「血・叫・邪・哭・無・死 人非ズシテ鬼嗤ウ」

「導ケンカナ 最果テニ 封ジ込メシ命」

「別離タレ 鬼ト化ス闇世」

「天地 陰陽 万物ヨリ生マレ出デシ我ハ人」


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