An anime adaption of Arata Kangatari is set to premiere in April 8th, 2013. It will be broadcast by TV Tokyo.

The anime is sponsored and produced by Satelight and JM Animation.


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  • Original Story: Yuu Watase
  • Director: Kenji Yasuda and & Woo Hyun Park
  • Art Director: Seo Gu Lee
  • Color design: Masato Takagi
  • Character Desgin: Masahiro Aizawa & Lee Seong Shin
  • Music: Kô Ôtani
  • Sound Director: Tsuyoshi Takahashi
  • Series Composition: Mayori Sekijima
  • Editing: Hyun Hee Lim
  • Animation Production: Satelight & JM Animation


Promo 1Edit

TVアニメ「アラタ カンガタリ~革神語~」 PV00:43

TVアニメ「アラタ カンガタリ~革神語~」 PV

Promo 2Edit

Arata Kangatari アラタカンガタリ ~革神語~ PV 201:46

Arata Kangatari アラタカンガタリ ~革神語~ PV 2


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