Kanji 八風陣・苦
Rōmaji Happujin Nigana
Shou Kanate (current)
Futai (former)
Kamui Controls winds
Manga Debut Chapter 71
Image Gallery

Happujin-Nigana, (八風陣・苦, Happujin Nigana), is one of the many goddesses of wind under Shinado. It initially belonged to the dying Shou, Futai, but was inherited by Kanate. It is currently submitted to Orochi.


Happujin-Nigana resembles an Egyptian scimitar with a blade dividing into several branches.

Happujin-Nigana's human form is unknown

Kamui & AbilitiesEdit

Happujin-Nigana can manipulate the wind to slice its victims and teleport its Shou to wherever he pleases.

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