Episode 2
Kanji 劍神
Rōmaji Hayagami
Air Date April 15, 2013
Story Arc Amawakuni/Japan Arc
Chapter(s) 4, 5, 6, 7
Ending The Misfit Go
Episode 1 Episode 3
List of Arata Kangatari Episodes

Hayagami (劍神, Hayagami) is the second episode of the Arata Kangatari anime series.


Hinohara Arata manages to awaken the family heirloom and successfully stops Kannagi's attack. They manage to escape safely leaving Kannagi in a state of confusion as he has never seen a Hayagami like Arata's before.

They managed to hide in a cave bringing the Hayagami along with them.

While Makari stayed in the cave Kotoha goes out to look for Arata who left the cave feeling guilty as he knew the Arata of this world wouldn't come back. Kotoha inquires on the necklace she had given to him and gives him the other pair since he 'lost it'.

Evening draws by, none of them knew that Kannagi would find them and successfully catches Makari who he uses as a hostage to withdraw Arata that surrenders.

Whilst riding in the confined carriage the necklace glows and he was able to contact with the Arata of this world, which shatters his hopes of this being a dream. The Arata of this world tells Hinohara of the true story that he witnessed in the princesses attempted assasination.

He arrives at his trial, thankfully not sentenced to death. Instead he is exiled to a place called 'Gatoya' known to be a living hell.


Characters In Order of AppearanceEdit

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Manga & Anime DifferencesEdit

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