Himeou (秘女王, Himeou) is a ruler of the country Amawakuni. A Himeou must be chosen from the female Himezoku clan that has the strongest Amatsuriki powers. Currently Kikuri is the ruler, but weak due to working for a another 30 years.


Every 30 years, a new Himezoku maiden has to be chosen as to replace the Himeou in order to keep the kingdom, Hayagami, and Shou on line and balance. A Himeou have to have strongest Amatsuriki to order and withstand Shou and Kamui. Himeou must not visit their home territory as part of the rules for them in order to do their duties busy and serious. There are the Twelve Shinshou who are Himeou's warriors to protect her from all causes and to do their missions from the Himeou orders.


  • When translated from kanji, Himeou (秘女王) means Secret Queen.

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