Kanji 火焔
Rōmaji Homura
Shou Kannagi
Kamui Fire Manipulation
Manga Debut Chapter 1

Homura (火焔, Homura) is the goddess of fire and the Hayagami of Kannagi.


Homura resembles a scimitar with orange colors and red highlights.

As a human, Homura has flaming hair and is dressed in accessories that resemble the sword's hilt. Flames surround her body, obscuring her breasts and crotch.

At Kannagi's request, Homura fused with Okoro into a new Hayagami, inheriting both powers over fire and earth.
Initial Appearance
Homura Human Form
Homura human form

Kamui & AbilitiesEdit

Homura has a superb power over fire. It grants the Shou the ability to generate flames at will and to eliminate them, it also makes the Shou completely impervious to fire

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