Kimon (鬼化, Kimon) is a mark of a demon that holds a Shou's negative feelings mostly hatred. They're stronger than a onigami that just simply transform Hayagami into aggrandized demon along with it's Shou.

Origins & UsesEdit

The origins of the Kimon are particularly unknown of regular obtain, but it derived alternatively from the Hayagami Orochi; that uses dark abilities in a rare case.

For those who had the Kimon mark are able to transform into into a formidable beast. Hayagami will absorb into them and unleash the Kamui from their body and became even more powerful. The first stage of their demon form is that their humanoid fighting form completely changes to become more powerful. The second stage of the demon transformation is that they change into a complete beast altogether fully merging the Hayagami into them.


List of Shou that have the Kimon mark and the transformation of a demon:

Name of the Shou Phase 1 - Transforming into demon. Phase 2 - Merging with the hayagami.


Kikutsune demon form
Kikutsune Second Demon Form
Isora 2


Isora's demon form
Isora's demon form 2
Harunawa 2


Harunawa Demon Form


Ameeno demon form


Ikisu demon form
Ikisu demon form 2

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