Kanji 言霊
Rōmaji Kohaku
Shou Isora
Kamui Generate words
Manga Debut Chapter 173
Image Gallery

Kohaku (言霊, Kohaku) is the Goddess of speech and the Hayagami of Isora. It is currently submitted to Orochi.


Kohaku resembles a small, bladed, medieval pistol.

In human form, she appears in a provocative costume, wearing corsets over her abdomen and breasts. A mask hides her mouth.
Kohaku's Human Form
Kohaku's human form

Kamui & AbilitiesEdit

Kohaku has control over speech and language.

  • Voice

Kohaku can take away one's voice completely or reduce its victim to only a few syllables.

  • Transformation

Kohaku can transform people's appearance by imprinting tattoos of words on them.

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