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Kotoha Colored

Biographical Information
Kanji コトハ
Rōmaji Kotoha
Also Known As
Physical Description
Gender Female
Birth Date July 8th (Cancer)
Blood Type
Family Parents (unknown)
Location Awamakuni
Affiliation Unemezoku
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Anime Debut Episode 1
Image Gallery

Kotoha (コトハ, Kotoha) is one of the main characters in the series and a Unemezoku. Like all the other females in the Unemezoku family, she can use her healing ability to heal people in Arata's group.


Initial Appearance

Image Gallery

Kotoha has light purple hair and light purple colored eyes.


Kotoha is overly bubbly and wishes to help others. She is a magic user and likes to use her abilities to treat injured teammates. Kotoha is the type to put others before herself and will endure physical harm trying to save someone. Kotoha has been in love with her friend Arata since childhood. However, her feelings are starting to shift towards Hinohara who reciprocates her affections. Kotoha doesn't like for others to belittle themselves as she believes everyone is special in their own way.


Kotoha and Arata

Kotoha's past remains a mystery. Her parents was mention in the first chapter, but it unknown what happen to them; therefore Kotoha's flashback is only viewed through Arata. She and Arata have been together since childhood and they were both born on the same day.


Amawakuni/Japan ArcEdit


Kotoha's Healing

Healing: As an Unemezoku, Kotoha has the power heal anyone of their injuries. The setbacks are: she isn't that strong at it and she can't heal herself. However, after she gained a shard from Saruta's Tadikara, Kotoha's healing powers have become stronger.


  • Arata: Kotoha's crush. Kotoha and Arata have known each other since childhood. The two have grown up to be treated as siblings which irritates Kotoha. Arata is unaware of her affection but still considers her someone that is important and needs to be protects.
  • Arata Hinohara: Kotoha isn't aware that Hinohara is a different person until noticing his reactions to her. Hinohara is shy, whereas Arata is oblivious. Kotoha works to make Hinohara treasure himself more when he first comes over from Japan. Throughout the story, she begins to develop feelings for him, seeing him as more than an ally and friend; it is shown that he has feelings for her.


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