Meigamu Myouzen
Meigamu Myouzen Stage 2
Kanji 冥囮無明散
Rōmaji Meigamu Myōzen
Shou Masato Kadowaki
Manga Debut Chapter 157

Meigamu Myouzen (冥囮無明散, Meigamu Myōzen) is the most deadly technique Kadowaki can use. Orochi's Kamui forms black wings on Kadowaki to perform the first stage of it. Kadowaki then wraps the wings itself to form a giant dark void, and aims for the opponent to trap the opponent inside a dark sphere. It then dissolves them into nothingness.


Meigamu Myouzen 1
Black wings on Kadowaki
Meigamu Myouzen 3
Dark Sphere


  • When translated from kanji, Meigamu Myouzen (冥囮無明散) means Dark Void.

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