Melting Pot of Souls
Melting Pot of Spirits
Kanji 魂鞘のるつぼ
Rōmaji Konshou no Rutsubo
Located In Amawakuni
Controlled By N/A
Manga Debut Chapter 89
Image Gallery

Melting Pot of Souls (魂鞘のるつぼ, Konshou no Rutsubo) is a quicksand that has been lurking around Utsuroi's desert. It also translate to Melting Pot of Spirits.


The Melting Pot of Souls is a quicksand that occasionally occur in Utsuroi's desert. It can sometimes change it size. Melting Pot of Souls is like a designated dimension. It said that once a person who get suck into the Melting Pot of Souls, they cannot get back. If two (or three) people get suck into one hole, their souls will be switch each other body. If many people get suck in, they will fully enter a wrapped space dimension. Inside the Melting Pot of Souls dimension, it can also look into a person's or object's memories record and wrap a person's body.


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