Kanji 躬呪波
Rōmaji Mizuha
Shou Yorunami
Manga Debut Chapter 59

Mizuha (躬呪波, Mizuha) is a water technique that Yorunami used to seize Arata Hinohara. Nakisawa waves up water to transform into a living being. In the original series, Younami's Kamui transformed into a formidable dragon, however in the Remastered edition, it transformed into Masato Kadowaki.


  • When translated from kanji, Mizuha (躬呪波) means Curses of the Wave
  • In the Remastered edition, Mizuha was transformed into Kadowaki instead of a dragon in order to add Hinohara's fear of Kadowaki.
Mizuha Kadowaki
Mizuha took the form of Kadowaki in the Remastered edition

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