Shinado anime
Kanji 極飛
Rōmaji Shinado
Shou Kugura
Kamui Wind Manipulation
Manga Debut Chapter 63

Shinado, (極飛, Shinado), is the goddess of wind and the Hayagami of Kugura. It is currently submitted to Tsukuyo.


Shinado has a wand-like appearance with two horns sprouting from its center. The horns can transform themselves into wings and gift the Shou with flight.

In human form, Shinado appears as an adolescent girl, withminiscule wings.

Arata Offering Kotoha Back
Shinado with its wings spread
Tsunado Human Form
Shinado human form

Kamui & AbilitiesEdit

  • Wind manipulation

Shinado can create powerful winds and can subdue any out of control hurricanes

  • Flight

Shinado can extend into wings and gift its Shou with the power of flight


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