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Six Shonshou

The Six Shinshou (aka Six Shou 六ノ鞘, Roku no Shou) are the strongest and most mysterious of the Twelve Shinshou. All of them wear ceremonial robes and masks (except have their own symbols on them) to keep their identities secret. All information of these members was removed from records in Himeou's court to prevent others from gaining knowledge on their abilities and identities. Therefore the other Shinshou members are weary of these members who they deem creepy and strange.

Shim is the designated leader of the Six Shinshou. Five out of six members (Harunawa) ambitions are to return back to their original world: Earth; so that they can eliminated all the humans on that world regarding to their hatred from the past. With few of the members's identity and backstory revealed, it may confirmed that all of six members had lost their senses such as hearing or seeing.


  • Harunawa is the only Six Shou member who is not from Earth, although it clearly unknown how he is part of the Six Shinshou.
  • The Six Shinshou could possibly be based on the Hayagami Code:eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body, mind. For example: Kikutsune lost his eardrum, Isora had his tongue cut off, Ameeno is blind, Ikisu lost his sense of smell.