Sousei no Hinowa
Sousei no Hinowa
Kanji 創世の日輪
Rōmaji Sōsei no Nichirin
Shou Arata Hinohara
Manga Debut Chapter 145

Sousei no Hinowa (創世の日輪, Sōsei no Nichirin) is one of the three techniques that Tsukuyo granted Arata Hinohara. No matter what the light of Sousei no Hinowa cuts, it won't kill the enemy, it will only drive away the darkness in their hearts. It helps the enemy get the "gentle heart they were born with" back.


Sousei no Hinowa Firing
Sousei no Hinowa being fired
Sousei no Hinowa anime
Sousei no Hinowa light dispel. Resembling a wings


  • When translated from kanji, Sousei no Hinowa (創世の日輪) means Sun of the World.

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