Suzukura anime
Kanji スズクラ
Rōmaji Suzukura
Located In Amawakuni
Controlled By Hiruko & Himoroge
Manga Debut Chapter 52

Suzukura (スズクラ, Suzukura) is a place where people work to earn money called Hanafuri. It was located in Mitsuhame and was lead by one of Yorunami's Zokushou Hiruko and Himoroge.

Design and LawsEdit

Suzukura had many exotic buildings and different designs that are been placed by various of superstition. Outside of the main building, there are circular buildings and markets from the entrance on the streets. The entrance is where you will earn your achievement tokens to pay 10 silvers in order to enter and leave Suzukura.


Suzukura in the manga

Inside of the bathhouse-the main large building of Suzukura piled up with workers that had been received orders from the Zokushou earning their money as they can.

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