The Life of Arata
Episode 1
Kanji 革ノ命
Rōmaji Arata no Inochi
Air Date April 8, 2013
Story Arc Amawakuni/Japan Arc
Chapter(s) 1, 2, 3
Ending The Misfit Go
← N/A Episode 2
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The Life of Arata (革ノ命, Arata no Inochi) is the first episode of the Arata Kangatari anime series.


Arata Hinohara’s school life is terrible and he wishes he could disappear. Arata of Amawakuni must fight for his life after he is wrongfully accused of murder.


Characters In Order of AppearanceEdit

Characters in bold denote the character's proper appearance.
Characters in italic are only seen briefly and have yet to make a proper appearance.


Weapons/Powers in bold denotes the weapons/powers first appearance.

Manga & Anime DifferencesEdit

  • General info:
    • All out of 11 Shinshou member were fully presented in several scenes
    • Most comedies scenes from the manga lacks in the anime
  • Omitted Scenes:
    • Hinohara's introductions from his first day of high school and Kadowaki's transferation were omitted
    • Arata falling into the women's bath attacked by Makari's Amatsuriki were cutted
    • The explanations of the Himeou details were omitted
  • Comprenhesion scenes:
    • Hinohara's and Kadowaki's flashbacks were much shorter than in the manga
    • Unlike in the manga where Kotoha gave Arata her Michihi-no-Tama to him before Arata shortly meeting Kikuri; Kotoha gave it before the day of the Himeou ceremony
    • Kannagi leaped from his cottage barging to kill Kikuri were different than in the manga
    • Arata escaping to Kanado Forest were extended than in the manga
    • The scenes where Hinohara walk to the shadow between the open space of the buildings and was switched with Arata. In the anime, Hinohara didn't walk between the buildings and the shadow. Instead he got simply switch with Arata walking on the road without the explanations of unknowingly how.
    • Hinohara's introductions to Makari were shorter than in the manga only cutting the comedy scenes
  • Additional scenes:
    • Arata and Hinohara first meet before getting switch to each other's world
    • The scene where Hinohara was magically transport to the other side of the Kando Forest appeared only in the anime
    • In the anime, Akachi appeared during Kannagi's search for Arata


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