Episode 5
Kanji 属鞘
Rōmaji Zokushou
Air Date May 6, 2013
Story Arc Kannagi's Territory Arc
Chapter(s) 19, 20, 21, 22
Ending The Misfit Go
Episode 4 Episode 6
List of Arata Kangatari Episodes

Zokushou (属鞘, Zokushou) is the fifth episode of the Arata Kangatari anime series.


Arata and co. find land where Ginchi and Kanate rest. They see a bonfire and decide to go over there. There, they discover Ginchi's village. Ginchi reunites with his mum and Kanate doesn't go with them. With no way of going to Ginchi, Arata drags Kanate with himself & Kotoha. There, they get chased by a muru and they seperate from Kanate. Kanate was saved by a man and while thanking him, Arata passes out. Arata awakes in Kannagi's Zokusho's home, Ohika's. Ohika knows about Arata's time in that world. Meanwhile, Akachi has been killing the Sho's who serve Kannagi, Kanngai's Zokusho. He arrives at Ohika's house while Arata & co. are hiding and asks for Ohika to be his Zokusho. Kannagi has seen all the damage Akachi has done and is going as fast as possible to Ohika's home.


Characters In Order of AppearanceEdit

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Manga & Anime DifferencesEdit

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